News from the international trade law

1. Russia
EU partnership agreement with Russia

There is a partnership agreement between the European Union and Russian (as well as with other succession states of the Soviet Union). Per this agreement CIS companies from almost all sectors of industry are allowed to establish and legally operate subsidiaries across the entire territory of the EU. For managing employees of a Russian subsidiary in the EU a residence and work visa is issued.

Russian limited corporation law newly regulated per July 1st, 2009
A significant change is that an associate partner can no longer contract out of the limited corporation without giving any reason.

2. Iran

Iran has introduced a new law regarding the activity of foreign companies in the country and is favoring new imports

3. Serbia

In commercial trade with Russia the old Soviet double-taxation agreement remains valid with significant customs advantages.

4. Modification of German Federal Refugees Act (BVFG-law)

The German Federal Refugees Act is supposed to be modified at the end of the year 2010 to solve a certain problem regarding family reunions in favor of ethnic Germans living in the former U.S.S.R.

In many cases, since january 1st 1993, ethnic Germans living in Russia came to Germandy leaving their children or grandchildren behind. These regularly in Germany accepted "refugees" first wanted to find out about the way of life abroad and about future financial accomodations. Only after that point in time the "regulars" wanted their children and grandchildren to apply for legal family reunion at the German Government.

Such an official request for family reunion was usually refused for reasons of being applied for too late. According to the unaltered formerly established law the application for family reunion had to be filed with the German Federal Office of Administration (BVA) before the "regulars" left their country of origin to come to Germany .

Now the German government plans to modify the law to permit belated family reunion applications in certain cases.

5. Iran

It is planned to install a new free-trade zone called Queshm.

With a surface area of 1,500 square kilometres including a length of 136 kilometres Queshm is the biggest island both of the Persian Gulf and of the country of Iran. The island is supposed to advance capital investments with the following general conditions:

a) within 4 months the island will be bridged to the mainland
b) dispensation of income and corporate taxes for 15 years
c) dispensation of custom duties and trade charges on the import of raw materials. Mashines and spare parts
d) eased import of goods produced in the free-trade zone to the mainland
e) tourism

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